What Is a Hot-Swap Chassis?

If you are handling a big business, you will need to have a hot-swap chassis on your side. But what is this? Unless you are heavily into the IT industry and server technologies, is normal that you don’t know about it.

Our friends in Server Case, a dedicated business that helps all kinds of companies to install and maintain cutting-edge servers, told us more about this hot-swap chassis technology. They have some of the best servers for sale available and other products such as rack case.

The concept is simple: a hot-swap chassis is a server that has two hard drives, one handling the data and actually working and another backing up everything in real-time. When the main hard drive has a failure, automatically the backup hard drive goes online and avoids down-times.

If your company is working with highly valuable information, having a hot-swap chassis is essential to avoid data losses and downtimes. The quality of a server service is determined by the up-time, so having a backup hard drive ready to continue the job is key.

Also, Server Case told us that, eventually, your main hard drive will fail. This kind of hardware isn’t eternal and often fail before the expected time. A hot-swap chassis will be always more expensive but it pays for itself.